“Petrol bunkers are a key decision, and those who don’t wear the mask are clear that petrol, diesel and CNG will not be filled in their vehicles!

Bhubaneswar: The petrol bunkers of Odisha have taken a major step in implementing the government’s decision to wear the mask as a ritual of leaving the corona. Those who do not wear the mask have made it clear that their vehicles will not be filled with petrol, diesel and CNG. Sanjay Lath, General Secretary of Utkal Petroleum Dealers Association, said the mask was meant to be refueled. There are 1600 petrol outlets in Odisha and they have decided to follow the government guidelines.

Thousands of employees who work at petrol pumps are attending to livelihoods in the face of fear of infection. He suggested that customers and their employees would be protected from infection by wearing a mask. Officials say the grocery and vegetable vendors are not selling any items to those who don’t wear masks

Where: Orissa

What: Those who do not wear the mask make it clear that their vehicles will not be filled with petrol, diesel and CNG

Why: Corona pandemic

84% of India’s households

In its survey, the Ipsos poll showed that 84% of India’s households are not confined to preventing the coronary pandemic. Four out of every 14 countries, including India, prefer to stay at home, says Ipsos India. Most countries in the world, however, are voluntarily holding the lockdown. The survey found that people in Russia, Vietnam and Australia were more likely to prefer self-control. Of the countries, Spain tops the list with 95 per cent, followed by Vietnam (94 per cent), France (90 per cent), Brazil (89 per cent), Mexico (88 per cent) and Russia (85 per cent). India ranks seventh in the list with the US at 84 per cent.

What survey: Ipsos India

Reason: To prevent corona pandemic

How many people: 84%

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